this is kind of a heavy topic for me, but im in the (lengthy and painful) process of being diagnosed with DID and I thought connecting with other systems would be really helpful.

after years of no communication, I've been attempting to communicate with my alters through a collective journal and it's actually been really helpful over the past couple of months. however, when I showed her our progress, my therapist didnt really seem to "believe" that the writing was done by different alters due to handwriting similarities. it was very discouraging and I've barely been able to write in the journal since without feeling embarrassed. since then she's been extremely skeptical of my condition, and I feel like the diagnostic process has backpedaled, which is extremely frustrating because trying to get help for this has been a trainwreck.

part of me is worried that im "faking" because of this. the new stigma of "everyone who claims to have DID ever is trying to get attention online" has made me afraid that I'm faking over the littlest things (despite me never talking about it on social media)

obviously our handwriting will be similar, since we share a brain; however, some of our alters intentionally change their handwriting to feel more individual (other than the littles, who.. write like children by default since they're children.) I was wondering what it was like for other systems, since I know everyone is different.

do your alters have different handwriting? if so, does it come naturally, or is it intentional, whether for individuality or just for fun? how big are the differences, if there are any?

thank you for any input!!


Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • OleanderBunnies


    Hello! Many people have the same default writing. Some of us intentionally develop our own handwriting, and some of us naturally write differently. I am the only person who can write in cursive, for example. And many of the child alters “write like a child” so to speak. It is not an indicator of your validity, I can tell you most therapists are skeptical of DID at all because of how awful and stigmatised it is. So if your therapist raises suspicion at you, it’s more a testament to their bad therapy and not to the validity of your system or not. - Riddle

  • JoeyJoestar


    Personally we all have different typing styles and different handwriting. (Im Joseph Ahaha!) -☆ We all are unique and different! My father (Joseph) always tells me that all of us are our own people! -💎 When it comes to masking in public we all talk, type and write the same as the host. Who is my grandfather (Joseph). -J

  • ProjectSys


    i'd say so! our writing styles differ naturally with some similarities (for example some of us write rounder letters but there are alters with sharper letters), though some have handwriting indistinguishable to one another, and for your case, that can naturally happen that they have many similarities. No matter how many of y'all there are! /gen -Britt 💜

  • bonemarreaux


    A lot of us had really similar handwriting. Small differences like looping or non-looping ys and gs were really the only indicator. Some wrote one or two letters slightly differently or slanted a little more. However, some have tried to change their handwriting purposely for the sake of individuality. One of our alters writes in all caps. He thinks it's cool, I guess? I dunno. But he is able to default to pretty normal handwriting if necessary. The only thing we all struggle to make perfectly the same is the birth name's signature. Some are better at it than others. Handwriting is not the only indicator of DID. To say so is preposterous. There are many more other ways alters can differ and even more ways to be similar. The whole point of DID is to remain completely seamless, and so it's completely reasonable for everyone to have extremely similar handwriting unless they purposely develop their own style. Don't let this discourage you. Stay strong through the course. You are valid and you will get the help you need someday. We believe in you.❤️ -Julian

  • bugboy


    we have some that have similar handwriting. We have some that will try to purposely recreate anothers handwriting. We have some that have very messy, fast writing. We have some (usually child parts) with heavy, spacey writing. it varies for us.

  • acetroubles


    Our writing is all similar in handwriting but vastly different when typing. The biggest difference is both is spelling and sentence structure as i have alters that dont speak English as their first language (like our host). -the stardust multiplicity

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