I'm super sleepy but my bf has another break soon... I like to go spend that time with him, but im super tired.... he's been a huge comfort in dealing with... well everything, and I feel bad that I won't be there for him because I'm falling asleep. there will be other breaks, I know... but still
also im a very cuddly person and miss his snuggles


acute lethargy

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  • gatoraid


    That's very sweet but I'm sure if he knows what you're dealing with he'll understand you need to rest, even if you're dealing with just mental things it still puts so much strain on the body that you'll probably need more time to recharge than others!

  • wise


    I promise he would rather you get some sleep. Send him a text letting him know you need a nap, he'll be glad you're taking care of yourself at least a little bit

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