I despise packing. I am packing for a trip and I keep checking over & over that I have everything. Especially my medications & that I have enough. I count over & over & over again. Its tiring. I know I will check that I have my medications a tons of more times before I leave.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • jarofbarbieheads


    Same here. U r loved and understood 💕

  • Dire_Wolf


    I do the same thing. And unfortunately, I’m probably not going to be that helpful. I think that writing everything down (maybe? Possibly a little bit?) is somewhat helpful. Lists, yes definitely. I think of what I will be doing each day and night. Separate lists with a timeline for each phase. (I try not to obsess over checking the weather. But I honestly do.) I’ll draw a picture of my luggage sometimes. I don’t know. Maybe this is not healthy for easing anxiety at all. Maybe I’m feeding into it. But I get so driven to plan every detail. So, maybe don’t listen to me lol But, hey, know that you’re definitely not alone in doing this! ❤️

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