I've been dealing with depression and I've been taking wellbutrin anyone else have any feed back on the effectiveness of this medication?



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  • suppah


    Caffeine really? Thank you so much

  • Honeybeela


    I did not have a good experience with wellbutrin, but don't be discouraged everyone is different. Don't be afraid to speak to your doctor about negative side effects, like fatigue, increase hunger, or rare side effects like tremors. It's all better for you in the long run. Don't be afraid to ask to try another if you feel wellbutrin doesn't work for you. I will say, I did have a lot of positives on Wellbutrin, I was much more motivated and energetic but that was overruled by the negative side effects. So again, don't ever feel like you have to stay on the medication prescribed.

  • livvie361


    Interesting, I don't notice that, I drink coffee everyday. I notice overall it helps with my energy levels and helps control the urge to eat my feelings

  • Annikaz


    Wellbutrin has been helping me a lot! I went from not being able to get myself out of bed to shower to actually showering and taking care of myself again

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