I've been dealing with obsessive thoughts for 2-3 months now. I've tried many different methods to help, but none of them really worked. Does anyone have any tips or ideas?

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  • Mami20


    I have them as well, I am doing DBT- dialectical behiavoral therapy we will see how it goes

  • Jude_the_dude


    What I do is try to be a child I know it is easier said than done try not to understand what can't be I am still learning it it gets better with time text if you feel like chatting if you want distractions are the key that is what my grandma said I know you feel life seems to go by even through your mind stays stuck it is kinda like that one song keep rolling rolling rolling hang in there your not alone

  • LunaSolis


    Honestly what works for me (most of the time, not all the time) is being able to say "it's just a thought" or "that was a weird thought" or "I don't want to think about that anymore" having that awareness helps give you a one up on obsessive thoughts, and helps give you more control over them. It doesnt work for everyone, and it doesn't work all the time. But it's one way to try. Don't stop believing in yourself. You got this!

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