My doctor thinks I might have obstructive sleep apnea. I have some symptoms; loud snoring, major fatigue throughout the day, not feeling well rested when waking up (or really all day), waking up in the middle of the night, obesity. But I feel like the main symptom of OSA is waking up gasping for breath. Does anyone diagnosed with OSA not wake up gasping for breath?

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  • Kendra363


    I have OSA and do not wake up gasping for breath. Most people that have it don't realize they have trouble breathing in their sleep. My sister sounded like she was choking and would not remember it even if it did wake her up (and it didn't always wake her). I only knew because we shared a room. She didn't believe it until we recorded an episode of it and played it for her. My sister has a very, very severe case too.

    • FutureNurse


      that is very good to know and super helpful! I’m sorry y’all are dealing with that, but thank you!

  • MatchaBunn


    Yeah, in mild cases you often don’t even realize that you’ve stopped breathing. That’s how it is for me, but a lot of people still recommend trying a sleep aid, like a CPAP or dental device for OBS.

    • FutureNurse


      good to know! I just had an in home sleep study last night, so we’ll see what happens!

  • dlmlap


    I had no idea, but had similar symptoms as you. The CPAP is a life changer. There only way I knew I was waking up at night was my Apple Watch, and then my psychiatrist suggested the sleep study. And here we are.

  • lostinbmore


    I have been struggling with it for 15 years or more and as weird as it is at first, the positive air pressure machines really, really really help. The biggest trick is to get used to it, but, I recommend the full mouth and nose mask since that makes it easier to stay on through the night. I remember the second night I used it, had it all adjusted finally with the settings where it worked and I slept like a rock. Follow your doctor's orders and use the machine and you will feel better!

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