Looking for things other than medications to help my inflammation and pain! Anyone have anything that’s worked for them?

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  • EmilyRose


    Definitely look into changing up your diet and cutting out inflammatory foods. It can be different for everyone, but for me personally I just started a vegan diet and it’s made a HUGE difference in my joint pain and my fatigue. Some people find relief from just cutting out gluten or dairy. It’s all trial and error

  • Kaedlyn


    When I get really achey I take a bath in epsom salt. It helps a little. My doctor isn’t very good so she only has me call for steroids if I’m in a bad flare and I wish there was another doctor close to me… but there isn’t.

  • PotassiumC


    @EmilyRose, thanks! I’m going to look into cutting things out of my diet and see it that helps! @Kaedlyn thanks for the tip! A good soak is going to be on my agenda. And I am totally right there with you, feeling the same way about my doctor!

  • NicoleGene


    I’ve also heard that diet can have a big impact on pain, but I’m stubborn and have never made the effort to change things up so I don’t know personally how that helps but I have heard that it makes a difference. One thing I remember hearing is that flour in foods can cause more inflammation. I know nothing about why that would be, but I guess it makes a difference. If you make a change and it helps please let me know, would love to hear others experience with this

  • Jamieloup



  • PSUfan2010


    I use essential oils. I love young living panaway when I’m in a lot of pain

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