Are there any symptoms that are specific to a downward spiral

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Sexual and gender identity disorders

Alcoholic Psychoses

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  • r.augustus


    Different for everyone, usually I can pick up on my warning signs when I have high levels of environmental stress & increased frequency of coping mechanisms/compulsions (if I catch myself counting the number of light bulbs in a room or number of ceiling tiles, I know it’s time for me to step back and reassess what’s going on in a given moment). If you’re having any thoughts of uselessness or worthlessness (you are neither just fyi) these are also common downward spiral threads for me

  • Sunflora


    I notice I have the pattern of intrusive thought, obsession, compulsion. Once I notice an intrusive thought is starting to bug me, I start focusing my coping skills there before it becomes worse

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