What do I do when everything seems to be going well in life and yet, I’m still depressed?


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  • lizard93


    I often feel like this and if I start to dwell on it, I can send myself into a bed coma for a week over being depressed even though I have a good life or whatever at the moment. Only thing I can recommend is keep going, try not to dwell on the depression...focus on anything else that you can. Take your meds. Maybe try a higher dose? Talk to your doctor or maybe try something new. Journaling can help...therapy maybe, if you arent already.

  • Wingzx


    I get you, depression is not something like in the movies where you can just, magically feel better once whatever you think is the problem gets better. Sometimes even tho is the best day ever you feel, depressed, invasive thoughts are still there and everything that comes with it, but a proof that you're getting on track is that you don't let your mentality to hold you, you just, move and try to enjoy the day and even tho you get tired and want to go back to your safe space is alright, even a simple step is better than no step at all. Little by little, just don't give up completely. You got this! If you feel like you need more help, get on hold with your therapist if you got one darling.

  • C_J


    Invasive thoughts are the worst. I get that feeling a lot, even at my best, depression is always there in the back of my mind. I spend even my happiest moments wondering and worrying about when the depression will hit at its fullest again. I agree with everyone else that it's one of those things you gotta take little by little, fighting intrusive thoughts with cbt and medication helps a lot

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