hi, i'm jaiden. working through having crohns, anxiety, depression and narcolepsy.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • SuzySuzy


    Hi Jaiden, I have Crohn's and anxiety. My Crohn's has been in remission for a few years. Meds were no longer working so I now have an ileostomy. Best thing I ever did! I feel so much better, no more symptoms. I can eat anything now. My anxiety, however, is still really bad. I hate it! I use to be so outgoing and independent. Now, I hate being alone. I try but it's a struggle. Hope u are having a good day.

  • jaiden


    i'm rlly sorry to hear ur anxiety is still bad ): i hope things start getting better, it's been a rough time with it. i hope ure also having a good day

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