I’m having a spinal fusion Thursday! What was helpful in your recovery? How long were you on pain meds? Anything else I should know? Thanks for any advice!

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  • Flightlessbird


    What was most helpful to me was to move as much as possible. I found out I was allergic to narcotics in the hospital so I only had ibuprofen but I was on antibiotics and steroids for I believe 1-2 weeks. And remember to take a moment to breathe before they take you back. It's scary but it's over before you know it. I hope all goes smoothly!

    • Belugabear


      thank you so much! I’m nervous about moving but I’ll do it as much as possible. I’m seriously impressed you managed without narcotics!

      • Flightlessbird


        Because mine was anterior they had me up the first night. I found that if I got scared and didn't move I'd start walking funny but when I would get out of my head and just move around, walking would be easier. I still was in a wheelchair for a while but the paralysis slowly got better. I'm surprised I was able to actually. I had 1 night then nothing for 2 days. They gave me a shot of tordal right before I left. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

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