I was diagnosed with bladder cancer metastasis to my femoral bones that started with extreme pain in my hip and groin to the point where I couldn't even walk with a walker. I did have radiotherapy, chemotherapy and finally had resection of femoral bone tumor by a very good orthopedic oncologist which helped tremendously. after almost six months I am still having some pain to the point that I have to use walker. of course I have been to pain management, physical therapy and all I am still having pain. Luckily my pain doctor suggested that pain pump that was implanted last week which I think is helping. My question is, is there anyone who may have experienced a similar situation. l would highly appreciate any advice.
Best regards, Reza

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  • Lamebeaver


    Hi Reza , how are you feeling now ? Better I hope.

  • Reza


    About a month and a half ago my pain doctor administered a pain pump which has reduced my pain by thirty percent. I still have a lot of pain that requires me to use walker. I'm starting another round of physical therapy next week. Luckily with the new pain pump I am not taking the oxycodone however I am still taking Gabapentin, Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain.

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