what's a good way to ignore the intrusive thoughts? especially the really pushy ones.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • NicN


    You aren’t supposed to ignore them, it makes it worse. You should actually embrace the thought. Example ‘what if I end up driving my car off this bridge?’ Just think ‘I have a really scary thought of driving my car off a bridge. That’s an awful thought.’ And just observe the thought, accepting it. Over time your brain isn’t as scared and the thoughts start to lessen.

  • Amber22


    Thank you 🤗

  • ThatOneNerd


    Give the thoughts a funny name, and put it in an imaginary box.

  • clover99


    If you feel a bad one bothering you, like you can't walk away from a door handle, stop, tell yourself "It's going to be okay, just walk away now" and actually do it, and engage your brain in something else right away. YouTube helps!👍

  • clover99


    Stand up, walk away from any compulsions you feel you "needed" to do and DISTRACT. Watch TV, YouTube, play a game, pet your animals, talk with someone. It'll feel weird at first, keep going. You just gave to do something that takes up your thoughts instead of the intrusive ones.

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