What works best for neuropathy?

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  • DirtPup


    Gabapentin is the most commonly prescribed drug for neuropathy in my experience. However, it did not work for me. I take valium for anxiety disorder, and that is somewhat effective on my neuropathy, certainly more so than anything else I have tried as far as drug treatment goes. I also employ other methods for release including hot water therapy, a compression sleeve and minimizing the use of my cell phone and computer as much as possible because they aggravate the neuropathy which is mostly in my right arm.

  • Bigbearhgx


    As far as medication you have gabapentin or Lyrica for starters, tricyclic meds help some as well. After that it starts being narcotics which due to widespread fear are being under used and hard to get for many truly needing them, they are absolutely last ditch. Heat, especially hot water, can be very helpful as well as compression for some. Best of luck trying to get it under control! I am deathly allergic to both Gaba and Lyrica so it's been..... tough.... for me!

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