im about to start classes tomorrow and i am just feeling utterly hopeless and depressed. my depression has been going down hill all summer but now that i am back at school and have a job, i feel like i can’t handle it. last year school and work wasn’t that much of a problem for me (although there were many rough days) but now i just feel like im not mentally stable enough to do this. i don’t want to drop out because of my mental health and i don’t know if i need to go to a hospital bc im not suicidal but i am constantly thinking about how nothing is worth it and i just don’t have the motivation to do anything (including eating sometimes). i’ve never been this depressed before and it could’ve come at a worse time so i really don’t know what to do. does anyone have any advice? has anyone experienced this or are you currently feeling the same way? should i be looking for medical help right now? i take anti depressants and i have a therapist but that’s all the help i currently have. any advice is appreciated.

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