I am wondering how to have relations with other people

Antisocial personality disorder

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  • oska


    what sort of relations we talking about

  • zenbabe


    Like friendships

  • Sl33py


    Dating. I don't see the appeal of dating someone, too many complications and not enough benefits

  • Cory1988


    I have a wife with 4 children... Trust me, it's more difficult than it's worth. It can be rewarding at times, but to be truly happy is impossible. Either you have to be fake and then you scare them when you can no longer be fake or you're 100% open and either they leave you or they actually end up hurting you because apparently they do not love you, they only love what they can get from you... I have noticed that they call us crazy and psycho... And yet, the majority of "normal" people are much more crazy than I am.

  • vanelomi


    i actually have two really close best friends, we ALL have ASPD. we all had our times where we were arguing about who is superior yada yada but over time, we all started seeing eachother as equals, superior to everyone else that we know. We share secrets, share others peoples secrets. objectively we are not good people, but the way i see it, as long as we are good to eachother, we don’t need anyone else. I always have felt like i need to be in a relation where they help me become better but in exchange for me helping them as well. it’s perfect. our only interest is ourselves and eachother

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