Hi! I'm new to the app and thought this might be a good way to work on making myself better and understand my conditions. Recently I had to go to the doctor because I have an autoimmune disease and keep getting upper respiratory infections. In May, I had Strep. Now doctors are thinking I may now have asthma which isn't fun. While seeing my doctor, she asked me if I still took my thyroid medication and I told her I do not. I haven't taken it in years but I truly don't think I need it. Last I had my levels checked, they were normal and I wasn't on the medication on that time, as I had just decided to stop taking it. The doctor brought up to me how dangerous it could be for me to not be taking it. Would it really affect anything? I never felt like it did anything.

Liothyronine Sodium


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  • emoryw


    I am not a medical professional but I do have hypothyroidism which runs in my family. I think if your levels are normal after not taking thyroid medication for like 6+ months then it shouldn’t be a problem, but I would also get your levels checked at least once a year. Your doctor is probably worried because thyroid levels can cause so many things, including respiratory problems. I hope this helps and your symptoms get better!

    • BlackCrystal


      holy crap I didn't know it could cause that... That explains so much

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