Yesterday I had a really bad panic attack at work to the point that I had to be carried out of my workplace because I couldn’t walk on my own and nearly collapsed on the way out. How am I supposed to find or even hope to find independence for myself when this bad of panic attacks can wreck me for days? Just looking for some kind of solace and comfort in the fact that it can get better and I can find independence.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Blank.Ellio


    My friend has major PTSD and get these things called psudo-seizures. They cause her to basically black out and go into a flashback for a while. During these she is screaming and it's awful. However, despite all of this, she is doing really good. She is in collage and getting things done. She is pushing past everything so she can live. And she is doing it amazingly. She has grown so much from the person I met who couldn't even go to highschool bc her seizures were so bad. There is always going to be a way to get better and all it takes is time. What really helped my anxiety was working in a mom and pop shop with a few workers. It made it feel so much more personal and in the end I stopped thinking of the what ifs. Don't let one set back hold you back ❤️

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