I feel like I'm not good enough or pretty enough for any guy I don't have a thin waste or a big ass and I'm tired of people telling me I'm pretty when it's obvious I'm not. Every guy I've been with has proven that I'm not good enough by cheating on me, beating me, or getting with someone else right after we broke up I feel like I'm just a pawn in every relationship I'm just used and tossed so they can find someone more beautiful I'll never be good enough to find someone long term.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

Suicidal ideation


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  • BabyLove


    I feel this as well the truth is though these guys know you are the better person but they don't know how to be healthy in a relationship they will try to take all there built up issues out on the best people! And those type of guys sounds more like abusive narcacists and trust me they are going to do that to anyone they can they will do it to everyone they meet when they have the chance so I wouldn't say it's specifically just to u but also ik that a lot of people also can relate to this! There a lot of bad out here, don't give up tho it is rare to find healthy people, as long as you don't stop searching eventually someone will come who will be ready to treat u right 💯💯❤️ I take it as those guys werent for you they were not good enough for u 👀 u deserve better most ppl will be temporary in your life, it can feel like we are to blame for it but you don't choose who comes in your life good or bad it's just a matter of time when someone good comes along just keep going and even friends are good too have and when u have a good friend it can help you see also who other people are so you can avoid it 💕 and also no matter how you look or what personality you have bad ppl will hurt and try to as much as they can just stir clear of it you are here for the right one 🙂 and unfortunately we gotta wait a lil longer but it will be worth it 🥰

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