Why does everything sound louder than it is supposed to be?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • Magpi


    I get that before a migraine, if it's not an all the time thing you might have migraines with or without pain. I often have migraines triggered by sensory overwhelm.

  • Dionysus13


    I tend to feel this way when I'm getting overstimulated, usually I tap my fingers together in a certain pattern to help, something to focus on

  • may_Bea


    I relate to this especially in places like stores. Everything seems soooo loud. I tend to use my noise cancelling headphones and put on a playlist of music that I like. Having a single, controlled source of noise helps me finish my task without feeling out of control emotionally or super drained.

  • Anella


    I get this around my loud brother, he says he's going deaf but it drives me bonkers

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