anyone who works full time but gets burned out quickly, how do you keep motivated?
I've been working part time but the job was awful for my mental health, now I've found a job that I'm liking so far and is much better, but the hours are full.time and even though it's only an hour longer a day I feel like it's killing me off!

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  • Loz


    I work full time and honestly it is really hard work, I work in sales so it’s a very fast atmosphere as well which burns me out but keeps me motivated during the day I have to want to work that helps worth through it. I would say if you want to work build your hours up slowly if you are able to and books regular time off. Depending on where you are in the world you should have holiday days to use I’m lucky where I work it’s a great company and they let me have holiday days as and when I need them within reason. ❤️

  • MsDaisyMae


    Honestly, I felt part time saved my life. If I worked full time, I would be overwhelmed more than I am now.

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