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The FDA has approved trials of Psychotherapy with Psychedelic drugs such as MDMA for PTSD patients. Would you give it a shot?

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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Chronic Generalized pain


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  • Angie


    I’ve actually just read about it! And it sounds like a great treatment. I would totally consider it

  • moonkitty


    Absolutely. Any that my cardiologist deems safe.

  • Patient69



  • seaborn


    Would try anything at this point

  • frenchonionsoup


    100% yes

  • JesusChild777


    Absolutely not I've done so many meds thru the yrs nothing worked so I have my faith in Christ and I have other support networks

  • bill


    I typically avoid things like psychedelics or anything that can worsen the symptoms of anxiety. But on a more serious note Jesuschild777... If you believe that an invisible being is helping you and not the rest of us that's fine but I don't think it's appropriate to plaster your beliefs in a forum for mental health patients. Take it to Sunday school. We are here for science and healing not children's stories or make believe.

  • Lsu851


    Yes if it helps

  • Ang


    I honestly am willing to give it a shot

  • RavenAddison


    Probably not, I think with my anxiety psychedelics would just make issues worse, but my therapist has done some hypnosis-like therapy that does seem to help. He sort of taps into my subconsious mind and is able to bring out more than what I'm saying.

  • Cyndieloowho


    I would like to try it, maybe this drug will finally help!!

  • mergasm


    Ive done mushrooms to help, its been a game changer

  • summertimehere81


    I want tired of pills, pills, different pills, and still more doctor won't allow it though because he's presently prescribing Zubsolv for an opioid addiction. 6 1/2 years sober, btw. No relapses. Depression has worsened over the years though, as has anxiety. But no, I "don't qualify" for anything other than pills and more pills. I've tried EVERYTHING on the market since age 14, with VERY little success. I'm 40 now, and am so tired of having my brain chemicals screwed up because of trying this new pill, or this combination of pills...I'd give a limb to be allowed to feel happiness again. Guess being a recovering addict will haunt me forever and prevent any importance being placed on my quality of life. So tired of getting nowhere.

  • summertimehere81


    The frustration is unfathomable. At least, it was until I had to actually LIVE with it; then somehow, the "unfathomable" because "my new normal". Just makes my depression and anxiety worse, but it doesn't seem to matter to my doctors; it's their "policy". I wonder at times if most doctors operate with the same sort of "policies", or if there is anyone who would take an objective look at my case.

  • moonstone


    i know both of these are healing for me but have not had them guided experiences. they were all so special and life altering though and i have a friend who microdoses 🍄 she says it helps integrate her pain more and have watched powerful documentaries on healing power of mushrooms and therapy with trauma. i am anxious to try it as soon as i’m able.

  • PurpleDragon


    Nope, but that's more of a personal thing for me. Im.alwrgic to alot of stuff, and don't trust messing up my already ill body with something in the test phase, or just after. Show me results after years of it on the market lol. Plus I did a DNA test for many medications, anything for anxiety, my seizures (stressed induced) or for pain. All knock me out, doctor wants me taking 2 types 3 times a day and another once a day. I will be in a coma. I have to be able to take care of my cats needs. And 1 pill for my back pain, (lowest dose) knocked me out for 8-12 hours at a time.

  • SimplyImperfect


    Yes I would try anything I'm tired of pills and not feeling like me. I wanted to try other treatments but all the Doctors refused to and said, No I don't qualify and I have to keep trying whatever medication they think I should try. Ugh

  • Fiesty


    @bill DON'T YOU DARE attack another person on here for their beliefs! This is a safe place where everyone can share any opinions they have.

  • mergasm


    @fiesty is an OG

  • Mee123



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