I've gained like 40 lbs since I started paxil, and I'm not sure how much was from the actual depression and how much is because of the medication. but I'm having a hard time with my body image and trying to love myself. starting to exercise but when I feel sad I def do want to eat junk food. anyone relate? :/



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  • OneDay


    Omg same thing, except I stopped taking it a few months back. I've gained weight, like 50 pounds. I have no motivation, I always feel sad and fat and food is the only think I've been able to think of.

  • Molly_Grace


    Have you tried any other ssri? Fluoxetine is pretty weight neutral. I've been obese all my life so we tried that one and it hasn't made me gain and I've been on it for like 10 years.

    • NenFea


      the thing is that ot helps me soooo much with no other real side effects so I'm honestly scared to try another one because it took a year to get in the right meds and dosage

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