I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis just last week. There’s very little info on this disorder online, and I have some questions.

1. Were you ever able to make sex not painful? Personally, I think it’s gotten a little less painful (before I started treatment) but it still hurts. When I’m anxious, it hurts much more. It often starts feeling amazing but then the moment I get in my head it starts to hurt. Any tips to make it less painful?

2. Will the wrinkly skin go away once I’ve been using the cream for a while? To what extent? I currently have rashes, that I already see improvement with after just a few days of topical steroids, but I’m hoping for my vulva to have a more clean, smooth look.

I really appreciate any time taken to respond and read! It’s kinda a sensitive topic and I can’t talk about it with anyone. It’s even hard to talk about with doctors.

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  • bittersweet


    I unfortunately don't have answers for you since I'm in the same boat as you with being newly diagnosed, but I just wanted to say that I share these same struggles and concerns. You are not alone!

  • SunnyLane


    You are not alone and it is miserable. I was newly diagnosed

  • Takiruki


    I was diagnosed in 2018 after the birth of my first kid, using the clobex definitely helped when used properly. Sex is always gonna be tricky I'm afraid. First thing I would say is use lube EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I personally use coconut oil, as it's good for the skin anyway. Also, lots of foreplay. You're gonna need more than the average gal. I get super anxious about it too, it's very hard to get out of that head space. As for looks.....I don't think mine ever went back to "normal". I don't get the white patches as often, but it definitely gets irritated. There's a reddit group for lichen sclerosus as well, it's worth taking a look.

  • swaghetti.girl


    Sorry for the super late response, hope things are getting better! I have been diagnosed with LS since I was 3 years old, and started using the creams again after relapse in symptoms due to becoming sexually active in 2021. Personally, the creams did help my pain lessen!! Mine wasn't very bad in the first place, but it was definitely there. Now I have hardly any sexual pain, but the area that I have the hardest flare ups in (the clitoral area😪) does still get irritated from time to time... The best things to do is as Tamiruki said, LOTS OF LUBE, and more importantly, consistent communication to your partner. My partner knows I have LS and knows my limits and knows what works for me, although it took a bit to figure out. If you consistently have different partners, you should let them know as well before anything begins, or at least tell them to be gentle. I have tried to take Advil or Tylenol (can't remember) before sex in order to lessen the pain and that worked a bit, but I was in pain later on when it wore off. Wishing the best for your treatment!

  • swaghetti.girl


    My wrinkly skin also lessened very quickly with the creams!

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