i know i’ve already posted about this but i’m having really bad anxiety and panic attacks about my gastric emptying test that i have tomorrow morning. I’m scared i am going to be in severe pain but i am also nervous because i don’t do well when i have to lay still in any type of scanner (not sure why but my body starts to panic). The test is 4 hours long and i’m still not sure how mine is going to go. idk if i have to be in the scanner for the full 4 hours or if they take one or a few pictures every hour but i am aloud to wander around and distract myself in between scans. Im just so nervous

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  • Poeticlife


    Can they sedate you at all?

  • spoonii


    i’m not sure. i don’t think so because i need to be awake to tell them my symptoms and if they aren’t going to keep me in the scanner for the full 4 hours then i have to be awake to kind of wander and come back to scan every hour.

  • Artax


    They won't keep you in the scanner the whole time, I'm pretty sure. See if you're allowed to keep your phone or something to read. If you're too anxious to complete the study they might be able to try again with a light sedative to calm you down. Fingers crossed for you, you've got this!

  • chronicallyfab


    I had one of these tests and was worried about the same thing, but they take a picture every 30 minutes for the first 2 hours and then once an hour after that. You will not be in the scanner the full time, they will likely have you sit in a waiting room, so be sure to bring something to entertain yourself, it’s a long day! Best of luck!

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