I’m kind of freaking out bcs my therapist who I started seeing for my ADHD said I seem to also have OCD and I really just want to be ‘normal’… I don’t want ang more labels that drag me farther away from the general public. I just feel so broken


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  • Kashew221


    It's really okay. You have a few differences, but everyone does. Most people won't be able to tell you by your diagnoses, especially if your ocd has gone unnoticed by family and friends this far. You can manage it :)

  • Akemi


    Most people have forms of ADHD and OCD, you're more normal that you think. And now that you know that will help you notice it so you can have more control over tour behavior. It seems stressful now but once you let yourself accept it and learn to manage it you'll feel much happier and relieved. Good luck during the process. And remember to be kind and patient with yourself.

  • Chrissyposi


    I understand this too. I have gone to many doctors and have been misdiagnosed and treated for those things so many times when my last doctor told me I might be Bipolar, I never followed up because I feel like even if its true, I dont want any more lables or drugs or anything. I just want to be like any other Neurotypical person who doesnt have all this stuff going on

  • doveandcoyote


    labels exist to be informative. you’re still the same person whether or not you’re diagnosed with ocd - diagnoses help you understand yourself and your actions better and have access to helpful accomodations or medications if needed.

    • RaeRae22


      this is so true. Yes it can be hard having a new diagnosis but you can ask more accurately for help if you know what the problem is. For example I didn't know that I dissociated or that it was a problem. When I found out what that feeling was, how it was helping/hurting me, I was able to recognize what makes me dissociate and how to ask for help/ground myself. Knowing the problem can help unlock the solution.

  • sabbymer


    I think normal is what we are conditioned to think but in reality everyone has some form of mental health. They don't want to diagnose everyone because then they'd have to help everyone...You're more normal than you think :)

  • 4byfour


    Somehow I have the feeling you’re gonna come out with thicker skin and a little more confidence 🤗 I know it! Normal is for wimps, anyway!

  • Dillybop


    Tbh I don’t know anyone who isn’t neurodivergent in some way so you’re not alone. We’re a whole community! Plus mental health is not as taboo as it used to be. I say society has been getting more aware about it’s importance 💕

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