My depression feels like I am

Worthless - I treat myself like I need someone who will make me happy in the future but I still have the feeling that I am worthless.
I never say it out loud but the feeling of being worthless is a consistent feeling.
It’s not like I am or not, but that is my feeling.

Sad - I do get sad about things. But when I’m over it. Why do I still feel the need to still be sad? Why is it still there. Am I still upset about the thing I was sad about? Maybe I should go back to the thing that made me happy. *does it* why am I still sad?

Angry - stop stop stop stop stop stop please don’t get mad, your overthinking again. Maybe I should think why I’m getting frustrated. Mind: “Why were you frustrated” “was the tone in your voice too rude?” “What is wrong with me”

Hopeful - am I hopeful? I want to be. Everyone has hope, but why am I giving up each day?

Happy - I laugh and enjoy life like everyone else but…. Why am I so “unstable”

Overthinking - I don’t think my depression causes my overthinking or my overthinking cause my depression. I simply just overthink. But is thinking of absolutely nothing while staring at a wall be considered “overthinking?”

Having intrusive thoughts - sometimes they come at times where everything goes to shit. But they also come when you are having a great day.

Suicidal - like many human survival instincts. I can’t pull the trigger without a pen.


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  • Mkkitty306


    It may feel like those things but you are Worthy- because you live and breathe bud Capable of emotions- nothing wrong with having emotions good or bad as long as you express them and get them out. Hopeful- yes you are hopeful that it’ll get better and that you’ll feel better. Happy- just because your happy doesn’t mean your unstable! Like I said your allowed to feel good. Overthinker- yes this is there but it doesn’t have to define you. Having intrusive thoughts- yes this is also there but try and steer your thoughts in a different direction, you don’t have to be stuck on that one thought. Try to push past it. Suicidal- I’m sorry about that I really am. Not wanting to go on is scary sometimes. I hope you find your passion and your reason to live soon. Just know it’s not always like this. It does get better

  • sammiesam


    I understand how you feel I've understood that since my 7th grade year but before then I didn't really understand what emotions were so I didn't really feel them I was like a blank sheet of paper I wish I could be like that again like a blank sheet of paper.

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