I’m not sure if I have depression. I know that I’m pretty sad right now and life feels like it has no meaning. I just broke up with my girlfriend, so I guess this is bound to happen, but I just need some help getting through it. It feels like there’s no reason to be here without her. I devoted all my time to her, but I got nothing in return. I still love her though. Please help me.


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  • AnimeOverwatchGamer


    You have to find yourself again. With you spending so much time with her you may have done things that made her happy rather than things that made both of you happy. You should go back to your roots! Hit up old friends that can remind you of who you were or look into old essays you've written that had your opinion in them. Do you love her for the right reasons? Did she genuinely make you happy? These are all questions you should be running through in your mind to find out if this relationship is something you want to save. Hang in there!

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