need serious advise on how to lower my A1C of 14. nothing seems to work.

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  • Seahorse


    The only thing that has ever helped me was exercise. You need to find something that you like or at least feel you can do. For me is was getting my bike out and just taking a 15-20 min ride every day. I was in crappy shape....but I stuck with it and developed some stamina. My A1c came down and so did the weight. One thing I noticed right away was that I needed to be aware of the blood sugar level while riding the bike because if my level was high it was almost impossible for me to stay on the bike (painful legs and slow speed).

  • Seahorse


    Also..... my only diet rule was simply to eat more fruit and vegetables. I didn't measure anything or stress about it. Just add fruit and vegetables to my daily plan. Like I said.....the weight & A1c came down in about 4 weeks.

  • Romi


    Check out mastering diabetes, it changed my life. I’ve had a1c around 6 for years. Also if it is possible, talk to your doc about dexcom and the tandem pump, which can automatically adjust basal and give corrections

  • Brooklyn1104


    Sensor (G6) and tandem pump finally nrought ny AIC feom 14 ro 8 in three months and another three hours down to 6.7 and type one brittle I was late diagnosed and sad and between working and being a single mom it was impossible but when I got the G6 sensor by Dexacom and the Tandem come all the sudden the diabetes was not controlling me technology was crawling controlling the diabetes and I was living my life and my doctor wanted to do this from day one I am so happy I did it it makes me feel safer at night I can eat more of what I want and the A1c is just dropping so if you have not checked it out I would just like when he said it does even more than that because it stops and starts to pump when you’re too high it will give you insulin when you’re too loud I will stop the pump it’s reading your blood sugar every like 30 seconds and if it goes out of range it gives you insulin or shuts it and slim down it’s such a wonderful feeling I felt like a new person when I had it for about two months I would ask your doctor about it if you have any questions let me know

  • Missmissy


    Definitely an insulin pump and cgm made a huge difference in my A1C

  • Maelin


    Insulin pump and cgm here. Got my a1c from 8.7 to 7.4 in the last 3 months thanks to my new cgm

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