Does anyone have any advice?.... So I am a little sibling to a biological big brother and an older sibling to 2 younger step siblings. My little step brother (14) has an issue with everything I do. If I ask him a question he immediately tells me to shut up, he accuses me of stealing and breaking his things (which I don't). It seems like we can't spend 2 seconds in a room together without arguing, even when we have family game night! I'm at a loss, I want a sibling bond with him but I can't take his insults and accusations, it wears on my mental health (considering I have already been struggling since I was 12). I told my parents and they said just ignore him. Is this really what I should do? Does anyone have any advice?


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  • enid2


    Maybe the change has been difficult on him, not sure how long it has been. Also, being a been isnt the easiest time either. I wouldn't force the relationship; when he is ready, he will come to you💕

    • Ace56


      It has been 7 years. But thank you, you're right. He'll come to me when he's ready 👍

  • ItsGracie


    I know this may not be what you want to hear, but he’s at a really difficult age. I have a little sister who’s 16 and she is one of the very most difficult people in my life to the point where I don’t interact with her very often. I wish I had more patience but I don’t, except to remind myself that she’s only a kid and I was annoying when I was her age too.

  • Cece7


    It might be something that they grow out of and mature into a better person who will be a more loving sibling when they are older. I have 4 older step siblings and our relationship when we were all younger was a lot less close than it is now. Now that we are all older and out of our parents houses it feels like we’re able to connect better than the pressure of all the different things that go into being raised in mixed families like that. Hopefully it is just a temporary phase but definitely sounds exhausting to put up with so many years!

  • Hannahchlarson1


    I have an older sister (19) and a younger brother (7 almost 8) and I feel like I have to be this perfect person, but I get foot zones and the person who does mine tells me that "it's [my] life and it doesn't matter what others say, it only matters what [I] think of [myself] and what [I] do."

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