Hi, I'm here to try and find people in similar health issues . I have been having issues since I was a teenager, they worsened after my 2nd child, and again 15 years after that...then shit really hit the fan toward the end of 2019. I have been living in hell since then. All of my doctors just push meds for this and that...not one will or have looked at me as a whole person. I believe every single disease, disorder, pain and obesity are all related to one thing.
I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teen and it was never treated. if you research it you will see that long term problems match literally everything I have ever felt or been diagnosed with. Now the trick is to get a doctor to do the proper testing.

Congenital Anomalities

Generalized pain

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Lolita


    I totally agree. I fell that many doctors see their patient as a vessel of diseases, rather than a human being. So it’s very important to find the right doctor to do the right tests and then give you the right treatmentt

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