I feel like I can't talk to anybody.

I can't talk to my parents about being suicidal, they would just ask me so many questions and make me explain myself and get frustrated if I got overwhelmed.

I can't tell my friends because even though they make me happy and I appreciate them, I am REALLY hard to help and I don't wanna be tiring or a burden. They try to help me enough and it often doesn't work, so.

I can't even tell my therapist. Did that, got sent to the mental hospital and looking back, it didn't help. They won't listen, they won't ask me what I want, they'll just send me away to an uncomfortable place where everyone is too busy to focus on me.

I can't call a hotline either because I qualify as "high risk" and they'd call the cops on me too.

After all these people and places have tried to help me and none of it has worked at all and my suicidal thoughts are just getting worse, why shouldn't I just do it?


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  • whoisthemonster


    I dont know the right words to say, but you are not alone. You can message me whenever.

  • Erebyssian


    feel free to rant n vent and you won't need to explain, unless you wanna ๐Ÿ’•

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