For those of you diagnosed with adhd later in life..
I was officially clinically diagnosed this year and started medication last month. I took the immediate release 2xday for 2 weeks and then my doctor and I decided that the XR version would be more beneficial based in my current daily schedule and the ease of one and done each morning.
So here's my question...I know it works for me and I can feel it. My head feels clearer and I don't feel as distracted or frustrated etc etc etc. But...do you guy have the issue of old habits die hard. I mean even hygiene habits were difficult for me. I love taking showers but to remember to take one before 6pm or any other habits. My family has a generic schedule food before this time, wake up by this time, shower before this time, cooking finish by this time etc. So even though my adhd feels more controlled now...my old habits were my normal...how do I change those old habits???

sorry for the long post...my overexplaining habit is part of me now😂 I hope this all makes sense too!!

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  • Nerdzilla


    Yes! Larger executive function tasks like hygiene are still a struggle. I've been on medication for roughly a year. Look at your small victories and what you can bring yourself to do instead of what you don't. Looking at barriers and problem solving helps too.

    • Dhadhu


      yeah I've been trying. Literally after I realized how much of a difference the meds made...I cried..I literally cried. I've been misdiagnosed and wrongly medicated multiple times over the last decade and having something that actually works is amazing. So that's huge for me. I'll try looking at my barriers and the reasons why they aren't getting done.

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