I had radical mactomy in December lost my left breast, I have been even more depressed lately, I have been trying to be strong but its hard and seems my family doesn't understand there like you have so much to be greatfull for why cry ,,why be sad,,get over it,,its just lump of fat an skin..I love to swim so I tried order swim boob and mactomy swimwear top when I put it on it was too big and just weighted down the top you can see all my chest ..I just wanted to cry and I did,,I had approximately 300$ tied up in this stuff ordered online can't use none of it,I'm so disappointed dishearted.. not smart about returning stuff..I'm already embarrassed about my lymphedema lipedema legs,now I'm one boob missing too...I have to go to public pool,,so 🤷 wtd? my grandson s count on me taking them to said public pool because their parents wont..I usually do each year,,,I'm feeling so defeeted...

Breast Cancer

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  • TriumphantOvercomer


    Don't give up. Now that you know what does not work, keep looking for something that will. Don't forget to call about making those returns. God bless you.

  • Rayfizz


    I would talk with your dr and see about maybe reconstruction? Or getting the other one off too? That’s what I did I just couldn’t live with only one breast. So I made my dr take the other one off! Now I can at least just wear a T-shirt and shorts when I swim now. Hopefully you will get the right opinion that is best for you. I’ll be praying for you.

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