hi i’m olivia. 22 years old and dealing with severe symptoms because of hormonal changes. anything you have found that could possibly help?

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  • MatchaBunn


    I would recommend starting with tracking, so you can bring that to a doctor. You’ll want to find out what your changes look like, so you can then find the best way to set up your meds. Getting on a birth control that works for you is also a step in the right direction. You might find that certain pills help mood, while others are more helpful for physical symptoms. It sounds like you already notice and track what is happening naturally, which will be helpful to compare to trying bc or other medications. This is just where I’ve started so far, and just knowing what my cycle looks like has helped so much to at least be like, “oh it’s this week of my cycle, so these moods make sense” Other than that route, my biggest advice would be to be kind to yourself as you have these fluctuations in mood. You deserve to rest and feel good, and whatever can make that happen for you is going to be the best way to go. Self-care is so important, and reaching out to others to help alleviate some of the bad mood/pain that comes with it is a great way to move forward on your journey.

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