it's hard finding a job right now that pays more than 13 an hour. on top of battling chronic mental illnesses and rent ,bills and loans adding up. I really try to stay positive but when I sit really still, those thoughts creep up again and it's hard to shake them. I know I've been healing and learning but I still feel inadequate

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  • IndyMonkee13647


    I absolutely feel your pain to a spiritual level. I have two jobs because I lost my car a year ago and I plan on moving writhing the next 6 months and it’s hard. I’m doing better financially now and I can make the month now, but I was doing very rough for a long time. I had a pretty traumatic event happen to me a year ago and I quit college and work and nearly became homeless on top of no vehicle soon after. I felt helpless and hopeless and guilty because I had 2 other roommates at the time that were going to go down with me if I didn’t get the help I got thankfully. I felt like an absolute failure that we were scrapping by off of $75 for a grocery bill for 3 people for the month, or that I was having to sell things to make rent and buy food because I couldn’t find work nearby that was walking/biking distance. Just know we are all going through a lot and to be kinder on yourself. We all go through rough spots, especially financially and you can’t blame yourself for that if you are making an effort. Things are going to be rocky, but if you try, things will get easier for you overtime. Don’t lose hope!

    • dragonSage


      thank you so much for that ❤️ I'm sorry that happened to you but I'm glad your heads above water now and I'm hoping you get the break you need🙏😥

  • notabee


    I'm a dog sitter through Rover which has been really nice as supplemental income! I've heard Experian is hiring remote customer service and other positions. I hope you find what you need soon 💛

  • Crescent_Moon


    Oh my gosh, that is such a mood. I've been struggling with some similar things lately.

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