How can i stop the foul taste and smell and have them back to normal?

Chronic Disturbances of sensation of smell and taste

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  • Timber90


    Eat corn

    • HealingPoet


      does this work with smell?

  • Lakelife


    In regards to getting taste back to normal I did a clinical trial of omega 3 1,000 in a day and that seemed to help bring smell and taste from <25% to 50%+/- Retraining my nose via smelling various essential oils I used to detect the difference between tangerine and orange or lemon. Also, specifically Japanese acupuncture - they press meridians and points along your body and put needles there instead of just a local area. That helped! There’s also a specific point on your head that is just for taste too.

  • ThatOneGuy


    Eating corn won’t help what I’m dealing with. Corn is one of the foods that stink and tastes bad. Beef, chicken, pork, corn, potatoes, Green beans, plain rice, mozzarella cheese, my toothpaste, ice cream, popcorn (and the list goes on) all taste the exact same and smell the exact scent… awful. It’s not a smell I’ve ever smelled before nor a taste I’ve ever tasted. I’m down to only a couple things I can actually eat. This isn’t fun anymore.

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