Just had a physical and things are fine but I still just don’t feel like me. Upped some meds but the fibromyalgia and depression coupled with work stress and parenting young kids. I’m feeling so lazy and unmotivated. I want to be motivated but it’s just stuck. #firstpost #randomramblings 💜

Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • IDKhow


    I'm with you. I have used meds for 10 years and it's like change of seasons does a number on me and I feel like I need new meds

  • nocolonmom


    I'm there with you as well . These illnesses suck as people can't see it and think your ok.

  • nat23


    One of the hardest things for me was learning to not compare how much I could do now vs to how much I thought I should be doing/used to do. It's not being lazy, it's resting. Your body and mind are wanting you to lighten your load. You have to be kind to yourself. Just existing with this is really tough work! One thing I am grateful for is this illness taught me to really prioritize my time to people and things that mattered most to me

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