How to get through a depressive episode? I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder a few months ago and I'm still learning about it. I fell into a depressive episode about two weeks ago/the beginning of the month. I feel so gross and unhappy with my life. I'm starting a new job, I have a good boyfriend, my living situation is "stable", my cat is healthy, and I'm talking to my friends again too. Why am I like this? Maybe I'm ungrateful. I just feel awful nonstop.


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Bipolar Disorder

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  • ceruleanstar


    You're not ungrateful! You're in the middle of an episode, don't beat yourself up. To get through through it, make sure you are taking care of yourself (eating, resting, taking meds, therapy). It's gonna take time but it's temporary. You'll come out the other side. Have you reached out to your medical team? Maybe your meds need to be adjusted, especially since you were recently diagnosed. It took me 5+ years to get on the right combination and even still, they adjust the dosages sometimes. Also, weird tip that helps me immensely: get LOTS of light. Sunlight and artificial light, ALL THE LIGHT. Avoid dark rooms (unless you're sleeping), open your blinds, get outside on a sunny day, etc. I hope you start feeling more like yourself, hang in there.

  • Betta


    Look into SAD (seasonal something something) it has to do with being sad in the winter.

  • Tini


    I just got out of a depressive episode and i know its not easy, what helped me this time was being around my loved ones (my gma and boyfriend in my case)

  • Tofu14


    Hmm I’d consider changing up your meds. The meds you are on are primarily for mania. Have your already tried Lamictal/lamotrigine? It’s much easier on your system physically than antipsychotics and primarily treats depression. It’s usually the first treatment tried these days if your psychiatrist is caught up on new medical research. Plus hopefully that would be enough to help out without having to combine multiple antipsychotics. We know that they don’t interact in harmful ways but there isn’t actually a lot of research about the efficacy of combination therapy— especially for individual combinations. Changing at least one of your meds to a med that helps with depression would have the potential to help a lot! Take what I have to say with a grain of salt because obviously I’m not a professional— I just happen to read journal articles and the clinical trails for stuff lol. The clinician trails are available at clinicaltrails.gov! The advanced search feature allows you to search by med and condition:) Separate from that, you are doing a really great job and are not lazy or ungrateful. Having bipolar sucks and you are doing your best! Try your best to remember that:) I have some tips/coping strategies that I can post later when I’m less tired if that would be helpful .

  • Chamomile.days


    Depression often has nothing to do with how good your life is or what you have. You’re not ungrateful at all. Depression can be very biological. I have seen that in my own life with Bipolar. How I cope with bipolar depression is medication. That’s number one as finding the right meds helps prevent and treat episodes. Then I also journal and take it day by day. If you can check in with a healthcare professional and also people in your support system that’s so helpful to. I try to remember that Bipolar is episodic so the depression will always come to an end.

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