Though I’m fully vaccinated and boosted, I got COVID at the beginning of the year. Since the. I’ve have headaches that don’t response to anything besides Maxalt (prescription migraine meds) or fully blown migraines where I have to take double the dose and it takes me out all day. Anyone else experience something similar? How did your doctors treat this?




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  • loveshespoke


    My migraines are absolutely debilitating. Even with migraine medication (Imitrex), all I can do is lay in a dark room with ice packs on my neck and head. Peppermint oil on my temples and base of my skull creates a nice, distracting sensation, even though I don't think it actually makes the pain better. There are tricks to cope. You can always message me

  • JesusLovesYou


    Idk if this will help since yours stems from COVID but I went to a chiropractor and she adjusted my cranial bones and gave me something called gut health and I've been free of migraines since! Lmk if you're interested

  • mynewfriend


    This might not apply because it stemmed from COVID in your case, but my migraines respond better to off-label medications, ie. prescriptions not originally intended to treat migraines that were eventually approved for migraines. I've been on effexor (an antidepressant) and until recently a beta blocker to manage mine. That being said, I haven't tried some of the migraine meds that have come out more recently. My brother uses an injectable version of amovig(I think?) and it's helped him, even after migraine flare ups associated with getting COVID twice. Hope that helps.

  • sashstump


    I was having headaches constantly after covid and the doctor gave me a shot in my stomach that stopped them immediately. The shot was pretty expensive, but he had a sample in the office he gave me. I don't remember the name though.

  • HoosRVA


    I use a cefaly device daily which has helped reduce my number of migraines. I’m also on a prescription to prevent migraines (venlafaxine)

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