Has anyone found that their symptoms of ADHD have gotten worse over time? I am so unable to focus on ANYTHING anymore, and my executive dysfunction is getting worse too. I wish I could just pick up and focus on what I like to do. :(

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  • avian


    that's my experience too. i can't focus on anything anymore, even hobbies that i used to be able to do for hours at a time. i don't really know why it's gotten worse over time either. i heard one person say that it's because you get more responsibilities as you get older so it's harder to manage everything? so that might be part of it

  • Whiteflower


    Happened the same thing with me

  • confused_alto


    I was diagnosed as an adolescent, and they have progressed since. It's nearly impossible for me to focus on one single thing now.

  • IcedChai


    Yeah I was diagnosed as a child and actually forgotten about it until I had a lot of problems as an adult with staying focused. This has been my worst year with it yet. :( I think its because as we get older we have more responsibilities and more people who depend on us (kids, spouse, coworkers etc.)

  • RaineLense


    i think its because of it being a dopamine imbalance, sometimes itll be on lows for alot longer more frequently and feels worse when depression and whatnot also acts up, it could be from still doing things just as hard when youre on a low as when youre at a normal level, which can get burn out to come around. though im not entirely sure on these, that is a possible cause

  • catdad22


    I have. It’s been harder to parse because I have fibromyalgia, which can cause brain fog. So sometimes, I really don’t know which condition is causing which symptoms, and if one is worsening.

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