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  • Aquarius_Mage


    You're going to want to see all your doctors a lot. The more paper trail you collect for disability, the better your chances of getting approved. Also, not many people get approved their first try so don't get discouraged. Keep applying for it while you and your doctors compile all the evidence and paperwork you'll need to be approved. If you are currently working, do not reduce your hours at work until you've been approved and have a benefit start date. Obviously once you have that start date, you'll want to talk to your employer about drastically reducing your hours, as disability benefits can be affected or even denied if you're making too much money.

  • Moppy2.0


    Don't give up. I was denied for years and I gave up at one point. Luckily my family and the girl I was with did not. They got a lawyer to deal with it all for me and after about 3 years I was finally given a court date and approved. Best of luck and healing.

  • Halcon


    I got denied the first time I applied, and I was told that I would probably get denied because of my age at the time, I was 21, and I got denied so I appealed with the help of a lawyer. The lawyer I got did not charge me anything out of pocket, but once I did get approved the lawyer got 40% of my monthly check and I got the rest. Also, when I did get approved I received a check for money from when I applied but got denied because they gave me a check for the back pay that I would have gotten if I had originally gotten approved.

  • Ihearyou


    Keep in mind it’s hard to get approved for disability and you will most likely get denied the first time and maybe even the second. Be persistent!

  • pinky01


    It would help to get a lawyer, but its still a long shot. I tried but my case got thrown out due to lack of evidence, so make sure all of your diagnosis are well documented and you have the right people fill out your paperwork

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