Any littles? (coping mechanism)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Kait_cat


    I've noticed I may have some little tendencies that help me cope but I'm not sure if it qualifies me as a little. I'm interested in exploring more little coping mechanisms but haven't gone too far into it.

  • Alien_Alex2234


    Yes I am part of the little community ☺️🌹 it’s nice to know other people are out there than myself ☺️

  • xenith


    i have some tendencies i think but i wouldn’t say i fully regress, i think it’s cool though and hate when people hate on it

  • awa


    yes <3 i don’t regress as much as i used to tho

  • Pluto707


    Kaminari Denki, fictive alter in the Pluto System. Our partner is a little and it’s helped him with his mental health. He also has a lot of trauma and mental illnesses, so being little in a safe space really helps. Plus!! Have you seen the little outfits?!?!! They’re so dang cute!!! Treat yourself. Who cares what people say. You’re not hurting or bothering anyone, so they don’t have room to talk. Make sure you’re drinking water and having a small something to eat, and don’t forget your medicine! Take care!! —Kaminari

  • Kairi



  • Sindo


    Not a little bit I’m a Cg

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