Hello! You can call me Boomy. So, I have been told by a few doctors now to get tested for ADHD, and have scored previously during testing for ADHD and high levels of anxiety. I'm not sure how to really solidify my diagnosis, and if I should pursue medication, since I've heard horror stories about it. Any advice is appreciated. :)

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  • LeGecko


    Medication can be amazing but it can also take a lot of trial and error, I never could find a med that worked for me but I've heard that many others have.. it just takes seeing how your body reacts

  • Katty


    All the horror stories I heard were kids who parents didn’t properly listen to their kids. If you’re an adult and in control of taking the medication there’s really a pretty low chance of a bad experience. If you don’t like it: just don’t take it. Stimulants work immediately so there is no need to wait for a build up to see if it works.

  • 100Percent_K


    Medication works differently for everyone, some folks are also better without it. Personally, it doesn’t help me but I wouldn’t say it was a horrible experience by any means (I started on it at 12). It just wasn’t a fit for me and I’m perfectly fine without it. If you find one that works great for you then go for it, if not then that’s okay too. Trial and error is involved, so just be prepared for that part of it

  • deadpool333


    I personally didn't like meds when I took them but that doesn't mean you won't. I do tend to you more focusing toys like fidget cubes and stuff like that.

  • Rainey


    I take methylphenidate. It does help me focus, which is good. Unfortunately it also brings me down. On weekends I don't take so I can be up moving around and fun self.

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