I get that being sad is a blanket term for depression, but I can't get passed it. I go to sleep and all I feel is the hope that I don't wake up again. and it's not even that I'm waking up to a bad environment, honestly I don't have it too bad right now. I'm not living it up, but I'm not living in a box either. I'm just sad, and I don't ever want to be awake, rather be closed off from another, shielded under a pile of blankets. I'm just tired of feeling like I don't want to exist.

Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • Kailey


    Well sometimes the outside world is too much for us and sometimes the inside world is too little me personally I end up talking to people online to socialize but I don’t talk face to face with people because it’s too much for me. I go to work and that’s about the only place I talk to people at. We gotta find that balance and maybe for you it’s like it is for me where we just need that socialization but not face to face socializing.

  • Lucille001


    I get very anxious and nervous around people, even people I've known my whole life. So yeah, socializing behind a screen works. I don't work right now, so being that at work would give me some type of structure outside the house, it would probably help, honestly. I've just been in a rut, but thank you. I appreciate it

  • Kailey


    Of course I’m always here to help and I wasn’t saying to get a job I was just letting you know what helps me.

  • Svj


    I'm sorry you are though this. After my 3 brain aneurysm my mine crashed and my body crashed.i go through what you are going through everyday . And top of that I have anxiety really bad to. And now have PTSD on top of that because of all 3 brain aneurysm. I have no sex drive at all now. In just the last 5 years my body is crashing fast . Most of the time I dont want to go anywhere or do anything. I had neck surgery and lower back surgery that the doctor mess up so I did with sciatic nerve damage is rubing on bone. The pain will be unreal and unbearable. I all most die because the gallbladder.

  • Benny_Dusk


    I feel you! I just had my first baby and I went from being in a career where I could support myself and socialize and everything to being a stay at home mom. I just feel like I need more and I want more. My spouse does not understand this at all thinking that our life is perfect, which it just about is. It’s ok to not feel ok when there is nothing wrong. That’s what depression is. It’s ok to feel anyway that you do. In my experience I’ve had to force myself out of bed. At one point in my life I literally had to talk myself up for hours just to go across the street and get a burger. That was the catalyst though. It just takes one time pushing yourself. It might take some time and it might be tried and failed over and over but eventually it will pass.

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