what is best thing to do when it bv starts

Boric Acid

Bacterial vaginosis

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  • CaitFrances


    Probiotics, plain yogurt in the morning, sauerkraut with garlic... Once you have those, go and buy some boric acid capsules. I get mine at Target, they are called "The Killer". Insert everyday for one week. You will kick that BV to the curb. I have had BV multiple times and have felt hopeless. I hated antibiotics and talked with multiple people about boric acid and so many success stories. Skip the antibiotics and go by boric acid. They are magic and help with all vagina issues... When I told my doctor I was doing that she was nothing but positive about it. Kinda bummed me out since I had never heard this info and had been dealing with this for ages... Especially since my gynocologist was on board and kept it a big secret. Haha Good luck and let us know how it goes!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • CaitFrances


      Oh also, boric acid is actually poisonous to digest, you have to insert it into your vagina. ❤️ If you live with others, be aware of how you store it so no one accidently ingests these, they look like good ol' regular pills. ❤️❤️ Just a tip and reminder to be mindful of that :)

  • BTwitch


    After a 4 month treatment plan of antibiotics and boric acid...neither work. I can share what I did but its to long to post here. DM 😊

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