I was injured on my last day working at a pizza place before becoming a firefighter/medic full time in 1986. After decades of severe pain, past 5 years on pain patches and opiates and not walking at all, I finally found a surgeon to amputate below the knee on 7/1/22. I've been without any pain meds now for over 2 months! The only thing I use for pain is THC,RSO powder and gummies. I will walk my first steps in 5 years on Tuesday with a prosthesis. The following Tuesday my leg will be in and then there's no stopping me!! I need a total knee replacement on 1/27/23, some total shoulder Reconstruction, neck and lower back pain due to disc disintegration and severe arthritis and pain. I'm blind in one eye due to cataracts and totally freaking out when anyone touches eyes, neck or back.

Generalized pain

hypertension (acute)

Chronic Low Back Pain

Atrial fibrillation

Below Knee Amputation

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  • JayNJ


    Congratulations on making it to this point, Gatormama! My surgery was in June of 2019 and the ability to walk after that was simply amazing. Best of luck with your new prosthesis and if you have any questions or need to talk/vent, let me know.

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