Is anyone else here struggling to stay motivated to eat healthier and exercise? Wondered if anyone would be interested in me making a discord group for us to all keep each other feeling more accountable or motivated to get to our goals. Not interested in unhealthy standards but just trying to lose weight myself and need someone to help me be motivated too

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

acute lethargy

Generalized pain

Weight gain

Eating Disorder


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  • PurpleGiraffe


    I am struggling. Just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and been advised to exercise but it's hard with the pain and fatigue.

    • Cece7


      so sorry you’re struggling too. I found a benign tumor in my arm a couple years ago after exercising one day and now ever since it’s just like I can’t get myself to. I used to workout so much. Now I can’t stop gaining weight. It’s so hard!

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