Do you find that anxiety medications give you more anxiety? I have tried so many and none have done it for me. I always chalked it up to not finding the right one, but now I’m wondering if it’s this gene mutation?

MTHFR Mutation


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  • UnicornGranny


    Get the Genesite DNA test done. All reputable psychiatric centers are using them to determine best meds for treatment. That will let you know what meds genetically you can metabolize and don’t. Big help for my daughters bipolar treatment.

  • Joyess


    Yes I have anxiety if I take anti-anxiety medication. I have hetero C677T. I find that B complex vitamins help with my anxiety check out dr. Ben Lynch on YouTube he also has a supplement company called seeking health he has a book called Dirty Genes that is very helpful

  • MargotAmelie


    Talk to your psych about DEPLIN 15. Give that 6months before adjusting meds, as you will have a more accurate picture of your anxiety. Deplin is an incredibly effective treatment for MTHFR, and anxiety is one of the hallmarks of this mutation.

  • MargotAmelie


    Btw: deplin is considered a medical food, rather than a drug, but it's prescribed by psychs. It has all the Methylfolate and vitamins needed to really get your brain and body healing and converting nutrients to the brain chemicals needed to really feel healthier and more "normal."

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