I’ve been dealing with these stupid symptoms since the beginning of 2022. All doctors say my tests “look great!” I’ve just learned about long Covid & I’m wondering if that might be it… Does anybody else have any experience with this?


Brain Fog

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  • Billwick


    Hi, have you got covid? long Covid can explain the sensations like Brain Fog, weakness, chronic fatigue, dizziness, and so on. Unfortunately from what I know, there aren't that many treatments to speak of. I started hyperbaric chamber treatment which helped me a little and I felt better after it. The cost of this treatment was very expensive and I am not sure if it is worth it. The doctors say that the symptoms should eventually go away, and I am also waiting for that to happen. How long ago did you get sick? How long have you had the symptoms?

    • UsedToBeCool


      I read an article about Long Covid & thought it sounded like me too. I showed it to my GP & she said it looked “interesting” & told me to do more research online. ??? I can’t find any long Covid specialists in Virginia. I *think* i would feel better just having a diagnosis. But I understand what you’re saying about there being not many treatments. This has been going on for me since Feb 2021 without any change.

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